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    Unanswered: Merge data from certain time period

    We are running SQL Server 2005 sp2 on Windows Server 2003 sp2, both enterprise.

    Today a backup from early Friday (10/16) morning got restored over top of a production database. This happened around 12pm EST and the users worked until the end of the day before they realized they were missing the Friday data. This database is called TEST.

    A backup exists from today (10/19) at 11am EST. This backup is called TEST1019.

    Is there a way to merge the data from TEST but only the time period of 12pm noon and on into the TEST1019 database?

    This is a mess!


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    If it's only 1 transactional table where userss were entering data, - then it is possible, and will require a restoration of the backup into a database with a new name, maybe extracting that table from it into the current one to minimize cross-database comparison queries, mayybe creation of delta tables, etc.
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