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    Unanswered: SSIS Newbie - Troubleshooting a problem

    I have a working SQL 2005 SSIS package which has 4 almost identical "Control Flows". Each one uses the same OLEDBConnection object to connect to a SQL2005 table and extract a list of files based on a SQL Statement.
    For each of these flows, there is a ForEach object which effectively imports the applicable file into a table in the SQL2005 database.
    This was all written by a former employee who is no longer contactable.

    I now want to add another 2 Control Flows to perform almost identical tasks. I have copied the structure of the other 4 into 2 new ones, using different variables, different mappings etc, but the same apparent structure.

    The problem I am experiencing when I run the package is that the File To Import is not being assigned at all.

    The key information in the progress log seems to be the following:

    [DTS.Pipeline] Information: Pre-Execute phase is beginning
    Progress: Pre-Execute - 0 percent complete
    [Trades Source [1]] Information: The processing of file "" has started
    [Trades Source [1]] Information: Warning: The system cannot find the path specified.
    [Trades Source [1]] Error: Cannot open the datafile "".
    [DTS.Pipeline] Error: component "Trades Source" (1)failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0xC020200E

    I am happy to provide more information, but didn't want to waste unnecessary time typing out possibly irrelevant information.

    Note: this is my first efforts with SSIS so it is highly likely that the error is small and obvious to someone with a little experience.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Check the properties of the foreach component; ensure that the foder it is iterating over exists etc.

    Then check the variable mappings on this component to see if the filename is being written outt o any variable.
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    The problem seems to relate to the FlatFile connection. When I create it, I use a sample import file for the mappings. However, I need to remove the file name from the Connection String so that it doesn't keep importing the same file. The problem seems to stem from the fact that the SSIS package is not assigning a file name to this property. How can I check where this variable assignement should be?

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    I have found the problem...

    I have found the place where I assign the variable file name to the Connection String... in the Expressions property of the connection. Wow, took me all of 15 hours to solve this one.

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