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    Unanswered: Lookup to update Database Fields


    I have got a database with diffrent tables in and i want to have a main table aswell that gets the information from other tables in the database

    so i have got a table call customer with there name and address and telno as a field

    and i have also got a main table with name and address and telno and some other fields

    I would like to put that in to the main table so when i select there name it would update the other 2 fields with there adress and telno

    Is there anyway of doing this ?

    Not sure have i can explain that one better

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Rule #1 - Normalize your tables!

    You ought to keep the customer information separate and unique, then only store the customer ID in your "main" table, and use a JOIN statement to get the applicable customer information when necessary.

    I'm assuming that you're new to database design, so I would STRONGLY urge you to understand Relational Database Design before continuing, or you will only have more and more questions and problems with your project.

    Hope that helps!
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