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    Unanswered: Calling RPG Programs from Linux/PHP


    im currently developing a SOAP-Interface (in PHP) to provide a service for getting data from a as400. For this goal we have to retrieve data via 2 different ways:

    - SQL-based
    - RPG-based

    The sql-based way for getting data is no problem. Here i will connect to the db2 database and execute a query. But the RPG-based way will be a small challange.

    I`m not very familiar with RPG, but i think its a classic executable program. The basic goal is, that i can call a RPG-programm from my SOAP-PHP-Interface (Linux). I googled a bit and found this post:

    But it seems that the i5-php-toolkit is only available for the iSeries, isnt it?

    In case its only available for iSeries Zend Core, does anyone has an idea how to call it from linux-php? Maybe there is a another good way (i`ve read about stored procedures) to call it.

    thanks in advance


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    has anyone any hint for me?


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