Grenoble – 20 October 2009 –
WinSoft and FileMaker have announced the immediate availability of the Russian version of the FileMaker 10 database product line, the award-winning desktop database software for Windows and Mac OS.

Russian Specific Features

With its easy-to-use interface now localized for their needs, FileMaker Pro is indispensable for Russian users who need to track and manage people, projects, and assets.

Specific features that improve the experience of the Russian user include fully localized menus and templates in Russian and the Cyrillic alphabet and improved data sorting options. There is also a localized help section within the FileMaker database itself.

“We’re delighted to bring the Russian version of FileMaker Pro 10 to the market,” said Keith Harris, Vice President International Sales for FileMaker Inc.

FileMaker users may choose to import or export text files in a non-roman format, according to their settings, making file transfers simpler and more efficient. It is also easier than ever for users to migrate their old databases with specific conversion encoding option for previous FileMaker versions (prior to version 7).

“We are extremely proud to launch the first ever fully localized FileMaker Pro 10 database software in Russian for the territory of Russia and CIS. This is a major step in our strategy to localize Filemaker software packages in key Eastern European markets,” said Edouard Winckel, WinSoft Sales Manager. “FileMaker Pro 10 and FM Pro 10 Advanced will now offer users the benefits of creating productive and easy to use databases and FM technology, in a complete Russian environment.”

Finally, Russian language users will be able to easily publish basic web forms or web-based status updates and lists thanks to the Instant Web Publishing feature translated and adapted into Russian.

Pricing and availability

FileMaker Pro 10 and Pro 10 Advanced are available for immediate purchase. New users may purchase FileMaker Pro 10 for $299/€349 (suggested list price) and FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced for $499/€499 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Pro 8, FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 9 may upgrade for $179/€209 (suggested list price). Existing users of FileMaker Pro Advanced may upgrade for $299/€299 (suggested list price).

Additional pricing and upgrade information is available at FileMaker Database Software and Server Software Database - WinSoft.

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