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    Unanswered: How do I display a tree/heirarchy diagram from Access tables

    I am looking for an application, or some code to be able to display a heirarchy diagram or form in a GUI, using data in an access database.
    As an example, an ORG table has the following key:

    I migrate the key twice to another table called ASSOC_ORG. Two difference values/instances are migrated. The key structure in the ASSOC_ORG table looks like this:
    Org_Id (this would be the parent)
    Assoc_Org_Id (This is a rolename for Org_Id, and is a child of the Org_Id above)

    I would like to query the ASSOC_ORG table to visually present the parent/child tree in a GUI to users, so they can select the applicable organization from it for processing/querying

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