I'm novice database programer and I cannot solve one problem. I have postgreSQL 8.3 database and there is a table named "moje", which contains some colums for example:

test_int (integer type)
test_int2 (bigint type)
test_str (text type)
test_str2 (character(10) type)
test_bool (boolean_type).

In pgAdmin everything works ok.

I have delphi project where I have three components on main form.

dbgrid1 (datasource = datasource1)
datasource1 (dataset = query1)
query1 (databasename = postgreSQL35W)

and in main form event onCreate I have folloving code

Query1.Close;{close the query}
query1.sql.add('SELECT *');
query1.sql.add('FROM moje');

When I execute the program then columns test_str and test_str2 aren't displayed in dbgrid1 and I don't know why. Other columns are displaeyd without problems. Only colums which tzpe is text, name, character... aren't displayed = column isn't created in dbgrid1.

I didn't do/set anything else, than described above.

Any advice, please?