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    Unanswered: Access 2003 Runtime Client Download


    After hunting for longer than I care to admit looking for the Access XP runtime environment (RTE), I have found a *free* download of the Access 2003 RTE.

    It *appears* to work with any previous version of Access (tested XP and minimally '97), where the 2007 RTE fails catastrophically.

    You will however need to go to *Microsoft* Update (not Windows Update) to get the latest service pack to get it to work, otherwise you'll get a "lost/broken reference" (OWC10.DLL Ver 1.*) error which will prevent the FE from opening.

    The link to the download is: Access Runtime 2003 : MAC-NET Secures IT

    I saw nothing mentioned about licensing on the page and MS's Genuine Advantage did not throw a fit, so I'm going under the assumption that this is a legit/legal download.

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    I'm not sure that's a good assumption, though I'm no license expert. This link:

    includes this:

    You must purchase the Access 2003 Developer Extensions to obtain a royalty-free license to package and distribute the runtime.

    It is probably one of those things that's on the honor system. The 2007 runtime is free though.

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