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    Unanswered: Attaching files in access 2003

    Morning / Afternoon / Goodday All,

    I was hoping someone can help me in understanding the best way to attach files to a access 2003 form.

    I have a database which is used to log phone calls and emails frm customers.

    When a customer emails and we make a record of this in the database using a form,we then need to attach the email to the record created in the database.

    I have been searching the net and found many methods but none of them are working (OLEDrag n Drop event, MS Listview, BLOB etc)

    I know some dont work on access 2003 but there is no definitive list of these.

    All i requiore is a method of attaching emails (1 or more) to a form in a access database against a record so when a employee calls up the record id on the form they can see all the emails associated with the record raised.

    Ideally a drag and drop would be perfect but then again i cant have everything i want

    Please note files can be any format not just email i.e xls, doc. pdf etc

    Any thoughts?

    any help is greatfully welcomed.


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    Lookup using a Hyperlink, this allows you to provide a link to the stored file. By clicking on the link the file will open. You may need a separate table to give you the relationship between the customer and the customer's emails etc.

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    Thanks Poppa Smurf

    As i am a moderate new user i am totally lost by your suggestion

    sounds like something i can use and make work just need a little guidance on how to get started and what i need to do.

    I know i can create a look up column in the table , how is this linked and so forth?

    Thanks for your time.

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