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    Arrow Unanswered: Is defncopy platform independant??

    Is defncopy platform independant?.Will it work in redhat linux? If it works then please tell me the syntax for the same. If it willnot work then please tell me what needs to done to make it working??..

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am not sure whether the defncopy is platform dependent or not, but i gess it should be platform independent. If you just want the code of a procedure in a file, following work around can work.

    write a shell script as below

    isql -U<User_name> -S<server_name> -P<password> -o<output_file> << eof
    sp_helptext sybsystemprocs..<procedure_name>

    Hope this will helpful

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    defncopy is platform independent (all utilities are platform independent; even platform independent dump files can be produced).

    Refer to the manual (choose your ASE version; except for the Installation Guide, they are all platform independent) for syntax, etc. There is no difference in syntax across the platforms.
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