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    Smile a brand new query tool is out on beta, we need feedback - so you get a free copy

    We at Nob Hill Software are working on a new query tool:

    Marie Alix

    You can read all about it on the above web page, but basically, its a very ambitious project to create what we call 'the query tool to end all query tools': everything you ever wanted, desired, dreamed about in a query tool, and then some.

    For that, we need people who will download it, use it, tell us what they think, what's good and what's not, and what they would like to see in the future. This program has been going on since winter 2009, and so far we've made plenty of DB users happy - but we could always use more feedback. No catches, no tricks, we will never ask for money or anything - just to know what you want, so we can put it in. When the tool is finally out on production, all those who contributed will have it for free - for life.

    If you're interested, just download and start working. Then email us your feedback, which can be anything form a single sentence to entire pages.

    Contact us through the site if you have any questions!

    Thank You
    Nob Hill Software
    Nob Hill Software- Tools for Database People

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    i tried it

    it installed easily enough

    then i wanted to set up a connection, so first i tried one for mysql

    wtf is a connection string? i somehow ended up on a little wizard which asked for host, user, and password, and since i already have done this for HeidiSQL, i entered the same information and it seemed to accept it

    but that's as far as i got, i tried a few menu options but none of them worked and i couldn't see any tables (i got an error about information_schema, which doesn't make sense, because i'm on 4.1.20, which doesn't have information_schema)

    then i tried connecting to sql server, but didn't even get as far as the wizard where i enter a password, i just don't know these DBA details

    gave up in frustration, uninstalled the product | @rudydotca
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    Hi there,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate anything our users have to say, positive or negative. In addition, this entitles you to a free copy.

    Now, you are right - for MySQL users the term 'connection string' is not that clear. The problem with this tool is that it can do so many things, and it caters to so many different environments and users who come from such a varied background, that its hard to come up with a single GUI that will make everybody feel it home.
    Our next release, coming in about a week, will contain GUI that will be clearer to MySQL users (partly thanks to your feedback) in addition, we include further wizards and query builders that will make everything totally self-evident (well... as much as humanly possible)

    Thanks again for your time!

    Jonathan Sion
    Nob Hill Software Customer Support
    Nob Hill Software- Tools for Database People

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    How come I have to register to download the product?
    I don't like handing out my details just to try something...
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    Well.. its free, and the only thing we ask of people if an Email to send them the tool, and future versions.
    You can register, download anything you want (all other tools are free for 1 month use) and then ask us to remove you from the list.

    I do think its a fair deal for a free query tool.
    Nob Hill Software- Tools for Database People

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