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    Unanswered: Need your help guys

    In our company we are planning 20 hours of continuous loading SQL Server(source server).After 20 hours of loading data,we are planning to replicate source server to 2 different server for read only purpose.Can anyone give best practice for this.

    I have Considered logshipping with litepeed.But i am not sure 20 hours loading data how big log size will be.

    Note:We cannot do 15 min logshipping concept what we generally do.
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    on the wrong server
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    replication? database mirroring?
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    Hi Thrasymachus,
    Thanks for the reply.We cannot use database mirroring since destination server should be read-only purpose.
    About replication, i'm not sure how much reliability for continous load of data.

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    have you thought about linked server ?

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