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    Unanswered: DB2 Express-C (can not issue load statement)

    Hi, I really arrpreciate if someone can help me
    I installed DB2 Express-C (OS is windows vista) and connect to sample
    database. I can issue create table statement without any problem but can not issue load statement. I got the following error message:

    SQL0552N "DB2ADMIN" does not have the privilege to perform operation "LOAD".

    I urgently need help in sorting out this problem to finish my study. Thanks
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    try to give yourself load authority.

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    i am looking at db2 information center how to give myself load authority but still can not figure out. Since i am using db2 with my personal PC, i am quite confused with this system administrator stuff. Would you mind showing me a bit more details how to give necessary authority? I think I need The SYSADM authority to myself.

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    in the search type "grant load" you should be able to follow. While at it down load some manuals.
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