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    Unanswered: Dropdown - need help please

    Hi Folks,

    Have managed to get two cascading dropdowns working but need three and can't get the third working. (see included file)

    The CHistory form will only used to view courses completed by employees. I hope to include a Subform on the CHistory form to show the employees when the third dropdown is chosen.

    Please help as this is driving me nuts. Have been all over the web but there does not seem to be any tutorials or sites explaining anything more than 2 cascading dropdowns.

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    As answered on one of the other sites you posted the same questino:

    You don't see examples of more than 2 because the technique used would be the same. You have code in the after update event of the first combo to set the second, but you have no code in the after update event of the second to do whatever you want done after that selection.

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