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    Unanswered: blocking issue in sybase


    On daily basis, my ASE server is getting below commands blocked, during night 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM IST. As we do not support during night, its bit difficult to identify exactly which processes/programs are causing issue on this server.

    Is there any way that i get the detailed info of process/program that is causing above issue using sybase utilities or any other method. Please confirm.

    SPID Login_Name Host Blk DB_Name Command Time_Blocked
    ------ -------------- ------- ------ -------------- ---------------- ------------
    54 sa hostsyb 101 sigmatest DUMP TRANSACTION 19.83
    101 sa hostsyb 0 sigmatest T: 0.00

    Victim_SPID Blocker_SPID Blocker_Program Time_Blocked
    ----------- ------------ ---------------- ------------
    54 101 isql 19.83

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    you can write a shell script and schedule that in cron for the specific time period and redirect the output and can analyse that later

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    You have no idea what exactly scheduled jobs run, at 02:00 ?

    The shell script would work. Execute sp_who, sp_lock and sp_transactions every minute, that way you can "see" the lead up to the problem, not just the problem after it happens. It is pretty much standard practice.

    If a DUMP TRAN is being blocked, it is probably colliding with a DUMP DATABASE or (even worse) another DUMP TRAN. Either of these are stupid errors resulting from the dump script or threshold stored proc being very poorly written. Easily corrected.
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