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    Wink Help - db normalisation

    Pls I need help with presenting the following bits of information in a normalised way

    it's a company database

    Company name
    city (always the same)
    post code
    phone number ( could be more than 1)
    email (could be more than 1)
    home country (home country of company owner)
    review (max 30 words)
    rating (1-5 stars)
    classification ( eg bar or bank)

    any help will be appreciated


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    (Hope this isn't a homework question. But no one has picked up your ticket.)

    That is not specific enough, there are plenty of of questions that need to be answered before anything reasonable can be normalised from that. There is also a lot missing in terms of the dependencies and relations.

    It may be helpful to look at the finished product, although that will not teach you the formal steps to get there. I took a order processing database I already had, and extracted the table cluster related to your "requirement". Over here, we have to keep any records that relate to tax for ten years; that means keeping an history of the address changes, so that's what it is "out of the box". Additionally, audit requirements and timestamps to support concurrency are standard. However, I have cut it down for you here. I have also differentiated natural and surrogate keys, in case you want to have fun with that. Both versions.
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