Hey i have been banging my head against this one for some time now.
For example:

I currently have a page that will list all of the trades an employee can provide. I do this with some PHP/MySQL
    $tradequery = sprintf("SELECT contractor_name.identifier, trades_list.id, trades_list.desc, CASE WHEN contract_trades.trade_id IS NULL THEN 'F' ELSE 'T' END AS selected FROM contractor_name CROSS JOIN trades_list LEFT JOIN contract_trades ON (contract_trades.contract_id = contractor_name.identifier AND contract_trades.trade_id = trades_list.id) WHERE (contractor_name.identifier = '%s')", $row_name['identifier']);
	$tradeq = mysql_query($tradequery, $ContractorList) or die(mysql_error());
	$row_tradeq = mysql_fetch_assoc($tradeq);
	$totalRows_tradeq = mysql_num_rows($tradeq);
I use this query to get me all of the trades they could have and then i use that information to then put a check in the check box next to the trade description, if they currently are able to do that trade. And the check box shows up empty if they currently cant.

What i am looking to do is to let a supervisor check and un-check boxes and then hit the submit button and update my table with what trades this employee can now do or remove what the employee can no longer do.

If my explanation is fuzzy, i am sorry i will explain more where i lost you.