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    Red face Unanswered: MySQL and WIndows Server 2003 Setting

    I'm still newbie to mySQL.

    I have a problem on why my program under Windows XP located at the same LAN can't connect to mySQL Database on a Windows Server 2003 without any antivirus?

    I tested it with both Windows XP. I mean...mySQL database under Windows XP and the client program under Windows XP works fine...but under the Windows Server it won't connect. I thought for firewall exemptions...but according to microsoft kb, the default status for Windows 2003 firewall is Off...and really I could not find where the firewall is located under control panel. Im not familiar with Server OS.

    Please I need explanation where my problem is and how can I solve this? Is it the setting of mySQL? or the Windows Server 2003 Setting? I doubt the problem is in my program since It will connect both localhost and IP based Host under Windows XP.

    It is not clear to me if there should be a change of mySQL setting when run under Windows Server so that the client program can properly connect.

    These are the equipments and software
    Server : IBM
    OS : Windows Server 2003
    IP :
    Subnet :

    MySQL v: 5.0xx
    User : root
    Paswrd : 3 letters only.
    Port : 3309

    Clients: 4 PC
    Cl. OS : 3 Windows XP, 1 Windows Vista
    IP : All static IPs

    No Antivirus installed on Server,
    No firewall enabled (Im not sure since I depend what Microsoft said as the default firewall status for WinServer2003)
    I tried to ping -t from the four(4) responded properly, but when the program is won't connect.

    Another difficulty I found is how to set in my program to be able to use additional restricted/unrestricted users? I only use "root" username for both local and IP based host connection. I tried to use another username but another error occured. But as of now this is not my concern as long as this is not the cause of my main problem which is the connection from clients to mySQL under Windows Server 2003.

    Clearly explained web references would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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    MySQL and Windows Server 2003


    I have had the very same problem here with Windows Home Server (which is basically Windows Server 2003).
    In the Control Panel I have an icon called Windows Firewall.
    There I can check if Firewall is On or Off.
    If it is on then go to the 'Exceptions' tab and click on 'Add Port'.
    Add port 3306 and presto; it worked!

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you casey53 but I no firewall icon visible. Actually i figured out where the firewall was and it is off by default as microsoft said. I can't still connect to the server as of this time although no more firewall. I tried to use Navicat in the one client machine to test if connection can be the problem "maybe" is in the ADO connection control. probably incompatible or something which I still don't know...any alternative solution that you may recommend? Thank you so much for the help.

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