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    Unanswered: Access 97 executables and other versions of Access

    I have a few questions regarding Access 97 and other versions of Access as we don't have time to develop .net versions of our Access 97 databases and some of our users are moving to other versions of Office/Access - I work for a local authority hence we tend to be very slow in moving to newer technology!

    We've tried converting our Access 97 databases (lots of front end forms) into Access 2000 but they fail and we don't want to install two versions of Access due to having our applications delivered via Novell to the user (PC's are locked down).

    Do we need to purchase anything to produce stand alone executables which could be used on any pc regardless of which version of Access is installed instead of using mdb/mde files?

    Would stand alone executables have all the functionality of mdb/mde files?

    Would this overcome the Office XXX version problem?

    Will newer versions of Windows become an issue (we're on a mixture of 2000 and XP at the moment)?

    Are there any issues with going down this route?



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    I know of no such executables. You just have to have multiple versions of Access installed -- despite not wanting to.
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    I wouldn't necessarily start looking for a different frontend though unless you're prepared to re-write all the functionality that the MSAccess app gave you.

    I've done lots of conversions for Access versions and usually have to tweak some coding here and there with the upgraded version.

    If you want something stand-alone, you'll need to look at something like .Net or visual basic keeping in mind that re-writing the app could be a fair amount of work and time-wise, you'll probably be better off working out the issues from the upgrade. As far as the same functionality, that depends on what you're considering for a stand-alone front-end. Personally, I've yet to find anything that's as flexible (or as easy) as MSAccess is.

    Also keep in mind that a 97 Access app typically runs fine in 2000 or 2003 without upgrading the actual 97 mdb file to 2000 or 2003. If you do upgrade the 97 app to 2000, you've essentially eliminated anyone with 97 to then open the mdb file. You should probably hold off on upgrading the app to a newer version until you have everyone upgraded to Access 2000/2003/2007. That way, you don't have to deal with 2 different versions of maintaining the code.

    Also note that having 2 versions of MSAccess on the same computer does cause problems (mostly on the development side). MS recommends only 1 version of MSAccess on a single computer/network.
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