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    Unanswered: Problems with detail in report

    I have a report, which is group by "Product Name". I have set the "Product Name" to be displayed on the group header. In the Detail section, it has the product event notes. One product can have more than one even note, so I want to display like:
    Product Name
    Event Note 1
    Event Note 2

    In the detail section, I must set "Can Grow" and "Can Shrink" to no in order to have all notes display. I use a textbox to hold the note, and I set this textbox's "Can Grow" to YES. However, when the note is very long, it got truncated due to the "Can Grow" of detail is set to no!

    If I set the detail section's "Can Grow" to yes, it does not display the note one followed another. It starts new page for each note...

    Does anyone know how should I set the control or the detail properties??

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    consider having the event note as a sub report and link it to the detail section on the product ID
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