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    Unanswered: databases from ms access 2003 to ms access 2007 -becomes so slow


    is it normal in ms access 2007 that the application will be so slow after you convert it from ms access 2003?

    if i open a table it becomes very slow even i only have 324 records. some tables open quite faster but the one table i have it open very slow. i think, it usually takes 3 minutes.
    and if i open a report, its also the same much more worst.

    please does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


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    No, it's not normal. I've converted several databases to 2007 and I haven't experienced this... yet.
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    Did you debug/compile the code?

    Also, you may want to check that there's a Default printer for the computer. I've seen where not having a default printer can slow down an MSAccess app.


    1. Check to see if it happens on other computers.
    2. Check to see if it's user-based (ie. only happens to you versus other users.)

    And don't forget to compact/repair the mdb (or accdb.)
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    You might also try importing that table into an empty 2007 database and see if it is slow to open. If that helps then I would suggest importing all of you Access objects to a blank database. Sometimes corruption in the system tables can occur and the only way I have found to fix it is to create a new database and import all of the objects.

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    StarTrekker has truly been lucky! The reports about 2007 running slow, especially after moving an app up to 2007 from a previous version, are more common than Starbucks Coffee shops! Many of the problems have been corrected with service packs/hotfixes, so the first thing you need to do is make sure that you are up to date on these. Here’s a link to Allen Browne’s site where he lists all the problems and which service packs/hotfixes fix which problems:

    Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007
    Hope this helps!

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    hi thanks for all your suggestions but I don't know what happen, i just enabled the hidden administrator in windows 7 and then I tried to click the "link table manager" in ms access 2007 and at the end it just says that all tables are successfully ...... (i can't remember what was the last word) but then after that it was so fast. And it works almost the same with the ms access 2003. The good thing was, the ribbons I made was also very nice.


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