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    The contract COBOL programmer

    was completely exhausted by the time that all the follow-up work with Y2K was completed. Granted, he had literally made a fortune in the prior ten years, rewriting innumerable applications to handle the new century, but only by totally draining himself.

    He decided that enough was enough, and made arrangements to have himself frozen, not to be awakened for 50,000 years. "In that length of time, there will be new, different challenges to make life interesting!" he thought.

    At the freezing facility, a doctor gave him an injection to put him to sleep.


    When he awoke, he was lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by people dressed in white, wearing masks. As he turned his head, he saw that the trays holding the unfamiliar instruments were floating in mid-air. "It WORKED!" he thought. He opened his mouth, and after several attempts, was able to croak "What year is it?"

    Everyone glanced about, looking at each other. Finally, a woman spoke, saying "Sir, the year is 9997. We realize that we woke you early, but, with the Y10K crisis upon us, we saw on your Curriculum Vitae that you are a skilled COBOL programmer ..."
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    OK...I liked that one..what with all the craziness in 99

    And 1 year later....the world HAD changed significantly

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    You know what reminds me of COBOL? SQL.

    /me putting on asbestos pants.

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