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    Unanswered: SQL 2005 Reporting Services DNS name change

    I installed Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services some months ago for a client.
    The actual data resides on a different machine, but everything else was a typical installation and the service was running almost immediately after I clicked 'finish'.

    However, on October 16th the client changed the DNS entry for the machine and Reporting Services immediately stopped working.

    If I go to http://server/ or even http://localhost from the server I get the under construction page. If I go to http://server/reportserver I get a 404 error. (The same thing happens with localhost.)

    There is a Verisign certificate -it was changed to reflect the new name.
    However I'm not sure it is part of the problem. I currently have Reporting Services configured without it. The service behaved the same way with the cert in effect.

    Reporting Services is using the Default Web Site.
    I have searched the Googles for any information on this -even as it might relate only to IIS. No answer has presented itself.

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    42 views and not a single idea?
    Le sigh...

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