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    Question Unanswered: creating a report template

    I'm making a report that acts like a property record card, it will show all the information thats related to a piece of property. Our database has over 46,000 properties and I would like to make a template that just shows all the information for one piece of property and not display all 46,000 property record cards in the report, I would also like to be able to enter in a property ID in a field and then it will populate the template with the property information. Any suggestions?

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    I'm working on a similar report but for property sales based on property class code. I'm just using the select expert to get data from the class codes I need.

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    Talking Report Template

    You can create a Crystal Report that includes a Report Parameter that includes the Strap or Parcel ID. That way each time you run the report, you'd have to give it the Parcel ID and the report will only print that parcel's property information.

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