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    Unanswered: max number of datafiles...

    Hi guys

    Can you please help me understand what the max number of datafiles that can be created in an oracle 9i db is? Or how to work this number out?

    The Block size is 8k and datafiles each are 2GB in size and currently 1047 are created.

    The oracle webiste mentions 2 parameters: 'maxdatafiles' and 'db_files'.

    Also I read somewhere that before 9i, this number was limited to 1022. Is there any limitation in 9i?

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    This number is operating system dependent; usually is limited to 1022. Search for "physical database limits".

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    OK thanks. Oracle 9i is installed on HPUX Itanium btw.

    So near the limit, I take it the best course of action is to archive some datafiles and re-create the control file?

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