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    Unanswered: SQL 2008 DBMail broke

    SQL 2008 DBMail stopped working on one (out of several hundred) of a client's servers. Bits and pieces were left in the tables used by SQL Mail, but nothing showed via the SSMS GUI, it was as if SQL Mail had never been used on that server.

    When I re-ran the script that we use to configure SQL Mail, the script failed for many reasons related to the bits and pieces left behind. A manual rebuild of the SQL Mail Profile and Account worked (and retrieved many of the "lost bits" that it had just failed to list).

    Other than ghosts in the system, does anyone have any explanation for this behavior ???

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    I don't believe in ghosts. It is just silly to blame this sort of thing on ghosts. Solar flares, on the other hand, are a relatively believable, yet unprovable scapegoat.

    Sadly, I only get to work with 10 SQL 2005 servers, and I have not seen this sort of thing happen.

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    some one dork with the underlying use profile? I got nothing. As usual.
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