Hi all,

To explain my question, imagine there are three tables: Authors, Titles and TitleAuthor.

Author_ID column is the PK on Authors.

Title_ID column is the PK of Titles.

And TitleAuthor table is junction table between Authors and Titles (Many to many relationship). I want to include these three tables in one publication and filter Authors on the City column.

In New Publication Wizard (filter section) I add Authors and filter it on City column. Then add a join to TitleAuthor and mark “Unique Key” check box. Then I add Titles table below TitleAuthor as new join. I’d like to know that whether I must mark “Unique Key” check box for this join too or I must avoid it.

In my ERD, Titles is parent of TitleAuthor but in mentioned wizard (filtering), Titles appears like child of TitleAuthor. I’m not sure if “Unique Key” check box should be checked for this case.

Many thanks in advance,