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    Unanswered: Edit Stored procedures in iSeries/AS400 - need help


    I am brand new to the iSeries/AS400 and need some help on how do I edit the Stored Procedures, Functions and or Views. I am using iSeries Navigator and the 'Run SQL Scripts' window to run/test the sql scripts. We have a lot of Stored procedures, Functions and Views defined to support our applications. I have a need to be able to open up these objects and see how the logic was written to return the data and be able to manage them as change requests come in. I am famelier with SQL Server where we would Management Studio/Enterprise manager to right click and edit the object and I do not see it the same case with the iSeries unless if I am missing some thing in the iSeries GUI. Can some one help me with the steps or an online article how do I view and edit these objects?



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    Search for Data Studio on the IBM website.
    Visit the new-look IDUG Website , register to gain access to the excellent content.

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