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    Unanswered: HELP!! Delete Query WITH PROMPT


    Setup: 1 Table that has rows containing names, numbers, and date

    Example: Name Salary Date
    John 110,000 11/1/2009
    Adam 50,000 10/1/2009

    (Note: this example is simplified and crude, but it gives you an idea)

    ..and 10,000+ more rows of this.

    I am trying to create a delete query that will, upon execution, prompt the user for a date, user enters date (ex. '10/1/2009'), and query will delete all rows with that date.

    Any help?? Please!!

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    In your delete query put the following in the criteria row for the field Salary Date [Enter Salary Date]. This will display a prompt for the user to enter the date and all records for that date will be deleted.

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