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    Unanswered: php session

    hi buddies,

    i wanted help on a session that i have created a page and i wanted it to expire the moment u leave the page with the session attached.

    Can anyone help me out... thanks
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    How about urging user to logout before he closes the page?

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    Hi try this, make a logout button and add this coding,
    // Initialize the session.
    // If you are using session_name("something"), don't forget it now!
    // Unset all of the session variables.
    $_SESSION = array();
    // If it's desired to kill the session, also delete the session cookie.
    // Note: This will destroy the session, and not just the session data!
    if (ini_get("session.use_cookies")) {
        $params = session_get_cookie_params();
        setcookie(session_name(), '', time() - 42000,
            $params["path"], $params["domain"],
            $params["secure"], $params["httponly"]
    // Finally, destroy the session.

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    the logic is that it is to set session expire till 00, also a code for deleting cookies will be much helpful to use bcoz
    these have almost every info you send to the web. so deleting them is also a very good idea.
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