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    Unanswered: sa_role and sso_role

    Hi, looking at a table of sysloginroles, found several users with sa and sso roles; besides sa and other extra account , isn't it a security problem to find 8 or 7 users with this privileges assigned?

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    Well, yes and no. If the people are actually the people who should be granted sa_role and sso_role, no there is no problem, security is not breached. If the people who have such roles do not really have the authority to have them; did not get such roles by having the authorities grant it to them, then yes, you have a problem.

    It is good practice for real humans not to use the "sa" account; to have sa_role granted to their real login; and to disallow people from using non-human logins such as "sa" or "probe".
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