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    Question Unanswered: export to excel from P9

    Hi ,
    In one of my applications i export a table to excel.
    That worked fine, however ...
    The table gets bigger and bigger and the export option in P9 will only export some 16000 records.
    The table grows with 2000 records each month, so after July i am in trouble.
    The whole process starts again in January.
    Of course there is a way around it by splitting the table, do 2 exports and combine the 2 worksheets later in excel.
    But that requieres manual intervention.
    The question is :
    Is there a way around this limit of 16K ?
    Does anyone have a piece of code (or an excel macro) that does the job of exporting in one go unattended ?
    Thanks in advance, Govert

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    export from paradox as csv.. import the csv in excel..
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    Smile thank you

    thank you, thank you (the message was too short)

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