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    Unanswered: zip file problem (greek file name)

    I am creating on the fly a zip file with some files on the server and then I download it.
    The problem ia that the 2 classes I tried can not read greek variables.
    What can I do?
    For example
    Supposse there is the file τεστ.txt .
    At zip file the name is _Ε+__Δ_Ε.txt the content is ok.At this case I use codeigniter zip class.
    Another class I used is PhpConcept - PclZip (PhpConcept Library Zip) this has problem also with greeks.
    And some other classes from

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    I used this class.
    So when I give at

    greek name has a problem, so I guess the problem is that php file can not give greek names at files of zip.The enconding of file is utf-8 .
    What is wrong?

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