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    Unanswered: Access 2003 Report + images

    Hi all again,
    My new problem which is actually an old problem that i didn't realize is my reports not showing images when they should.

    I have a whole bunch of check box's that control an image each.
    Basicly if the check box is ticked, the image shows, if it isn't, well it remains hidden.

    All work apart from the first record, always the first.
    code is called from events:
    Report Page
    Report Active 'don't think this works

    when I use it with report open I get the following error:
    "Run time error '2427'
    you entered an expression which has no value.'

    code used in pages extract as follows:

    Select Case Me.chkAbs
    Case -1
    Me.imgAbs.Visible = True
    Case 0
    Me.imgAbs.Visible = False
    Case Else
    Me.imgAbs.Visible = False
    End Select
    any help would be appreciated

    I should add to this that the first record displayed doesn't work even when you cycle through the pages and go back to the first one.
    When it is ordered differently, it is still the first record displayed that doesn't work.
    Can't add in a dummy record as there are quite a few queries that will exclude it

    EDIT adding a page break in the report header makes all records work BUT, there will be a blank page at the start of every report !! striked out again
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    Resolved, didn't realize that there were other events to use code on, found it by mistake
    Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
    Call showpics
    End Sub

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