Could I please get some advice on creating a report that I am trying to achieve from my database. I use Access 2003 at work. I am trying to show several separate items of information in the one grouped area. These include person details from a 'PersonTable' and a photo of that person from 'tblPhoto'. They are linked by a 'tblLink' which contains the 'personID' number and there is also a field called 'jobnumber'. I am attempting to show a picture of each person in the report that is linked to the same job and if there is more than one person involved in the same job number they will all show up on the report, grouped nicely together in a little cluster. Below that I would like to have a narrative or memo field describing the job. I think once I understand how to get this far, I will be able to add anything in addition that might be necessary. But that would be a good start. My problems so far have been with using sub reports and getting more than one photo to appear etc. I don't know if I am doing the query properly either.

Thanks, Timmeh