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    Unanswered: help! new to postgresql

    i have setup the drivers for psqlodbc successfully.
    but when i click control admin->admin tools->data source -> file dsn ->
    add -> postgre ansi -> ok ->
    then another window comes that asks for
    server,database,port... and other info... i filled all such info given by the client...
    but when i click ok.. i recieve an error message
    A connection could not be made using the file data source parameters entered. Save non-verified file DSN?

    do i need to install any server... and what file are created in pstgresql
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    There has to be a server somewhere that you are connecting to. And files? You can't access the files and hope to do anything meaningful. You have to attach to the postgres server typically thru a TCP/IP port.

    psqlODBC FAQ

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    By design, the server isolates you from the files. They are immaterial (number, type, etc.) to you as a database user. About the only thing you might need to monitor, from a file viewpoint, is the file size, which can impact database performance, and thus will have some impact on the database design.
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