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    Unanswered: How to Refresh a Tabbed Page with shared fields?

    Ok I am going to try to explain this the best that I can. I have a main form that has 4 different tabbed pages each with a subform. For Example tab 1 - Full Inventory, tab 2 - Want Inventory, tab 3 - On Hand Inventory, tab 4 Trade Inventory. Tab1 - Full Inventory contains a subform that has two controls Trade Inventory and Want Inventory. If for example I use tab 1 Full Inventory to update the Trade Inventory field to 100 and I click on tab 4 - Trade Inventory that values do not display unless I manually hit the f5 key.

    What is the best method to make the values showup when I click from tab to tab. Bottom line is that I want the values to be snycornized when I click on each tab. I hope that makes sense. Thanks -Pat

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    Put a Refresh command in the OnChange event of the tab control.
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