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    Unanswered: Macro to identify & consolidate same value cells

    Hi, I have two columns. Column A has a Stock Material Number. Column B has the quantity of stock required for the corresponding Stock Material Number. I am trying to create a macro that searches column A, identifies any repeat stock material numbers and then consolidates all the repeat numbers, along with the sum of all the quantities into one line.

    eg: Stock Material Number 123456 shows up in rows 1, 3 & 16. Each occurrence requiring a quantity of 2.

    The macro would run leaving only 1 row showing only 1 occurrence of Stock Material Number 123456 and a quantity of 6.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You don't really need a macro to do this. Either the data consolidation tool or a pivot table will give you this summary.

    There's a Bill Jelen podcast showing how to use the consolidate feature here:
    Learn Excel Episode 929: Data Consolidate :: Tech Videos, Screencasts, Webinars, Techtalks, Tutorials

    Is that something you can work with?

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    GOLD.... Thank you friend.

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