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Thread: foxpro printing

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    foxpro printing

    I have invoice software running in dos foxpro 2.6, it was working under windows 98 well, now i have upgraded to windows xp, now it is giving printing by delay 50 sec, pl help me


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    Do you have the source code for your application, if so, do you close the print file with a "set printer to" statement. If this statement is not there, then the print spooler will auto close if it receives no data for ? (30 i think) seconds.
    With Windows 98 (DOS) you were able to print directly to the device, whereas with XP you print to a spooler. On the advanced settings of the printer, check print directly to printer.
    The best solution is to upgrade to a Windows version of Foxpro. You can get your character based foxpro source to work reasonably well, and look OK just by setting the window size, and selecting a fixed pitch font (Courier)
    define window one from 0,0 to 50,220 font 'Courier', 16
    activate window one 
    set color to +W/R
    The above worked well with a 1024x768 screen.

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