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    Unanswered: How to Find & Replace a Particular Phrase in Access 2003

    I have a database of over 10K records, each has the following phrase that I
    want to change from

    border="0" /><center><strong><font color="#990000">Free USA Shipping, Orders
    $50 or more!</font></strong></center></p><p>


    border="0" />

    There must be a character that is preventing the finding of the phrase as the search does NOT find it and I know it is in each record. I'm thinking that the # character may be part of the problem.

    How do I find & replace the phrase?

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    its going to be a fairly trivial update clause
    update mytable set mycolumn = 'border="0" />' where mycolumn like "* $50 or more"
    however I'd want to check by say doing a select that I'm getting the records I want
    I'd want to test my update query on some test data before doing anythign to live data
    I'd want to backup my live data before running the query

    but probably most of all I'd want to try and work out why the heck you've intermingled presentation in the data, and especially why I'd allowed a phrase like
    Free USA Shipping, Orders
    $50 or more!
    appear 10,000 times or more.. seems like a symptom of possibly flaky physical design/ non normalised data.
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