(2 developers and 1 architect)‏

Duration - 10 month contract

Location ? Dallas, TX

Start Immediately

These three ( 2 dev, 1 architect ) microstrategy positions are still open and I can get interview quickly ( first round phone, second round in person ).

Question 1. What feature would you use to format report cells based on metric values?

Ex: Make Profit less than zero appear Bold and Red

Question 2. How would you create a metric that shows a % to total? For example: Profit Today/ Profit for this Month or Revenue for an Item/ Revenue for the Category.

Question 3: Name 4 MicroStrategy Application objects.

Questions Asked in Previous Interviews ( provided by candidate ):

Role in my previous project

What kind of metrics did I define in my previous project?

What's the process followed in interacting with the analytics team?

What's the team in my previous project?

What is the process followed in creating the schematic layer?

What is the difference between unique key and primary key?

What are indexes? What are the advantages and disadvantages in indexes?

Types of joins?

Difference between star and snowflake schemas?

How do I visualize star schema? How many fact tables it would have?

What is the most complex dashboard I have developed?

What is the difference between report developer and BI developer?

What is a fact and a attribute? Difference between a fact and attribute?

What's my exposure with Microstrategy 9

How do you decrease the report run time..? What measures you take to decrease the run time?