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    Unanswered: Script for gathering sysmon output

    Dear All ,
    can anyone provide me the the script or some utility so that the sysmon can be gathered in proper readable format and can be stored to compare the things

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    sysmon is highly readable as it is, and we need the existing format for interpreting reports in themselves. But I think you mean something else ...

    We have a set of commercial scripts for both sysmon and vmstat, to:
    • set it up to run properly, to a plan (eg. every hour, for a full hour)
    • awk the 24 (or whatever) output files and extract sysmon/vmstat metrics
    • bcp or insert them into a set of tables (true Fact-Dimension sysmon & vmstat metrics)
    • procs to produce aggregate metrics (server, cache, device, etc, etc)
    • pivot them as you like
    • store the result set as .csv files
    • intended for loading into Numbers or OpenOffice or Excel
    so that with a few keystrokes, in a few seconds, you can produce meaningful charts. (That is a real production server, I am about 80% complete with a Performance Tuning exercise; fragmentation has not been addressed yet; the network is now the bottleneck.)

    Of course, you can interrogate the tables using simple SQL, and store/archive/purge the metrics for whatever duration you like.

    Drop me an email (from my profile) if you are interested.
    Derek Asirvadem (Formerly DerekA)
    Information Architect / Senior Sybase DBA
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    I answer questions from the Original Poster only. If you have a genuine question, as the moderators have requested, start a new thread.

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