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    Question Unanswered: Using Handwriting Tool

    I am new to this forum. Yesterday I bought handwriting tool and I wanted to use it with Microsoft Access 2003. I want in such a way that when user sign through handwriting tool which should input from Access form and should store in table.

    How can we achieve this can somebody help me.

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    1st review the handwriting vendor's literature to see if they discuss compatibility with Access or Excel and follow these instructions...

    2nd - I do not know of any way to integrate it with an Access form;

    but it would be very easy to consider it the same as a scanned document and connect it to a record ; to do this add a new field to your table that is a hyperlink (if pre Access07) or Attachment (if Access07) - and then you can same the signature as a stand alone document but link it to a specific record.

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