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    Unanswered: How to group when no field to group on?

    HI all,

    i have an issue regarding a grouping in CR10.

    Let say that there is an inventory of items. each item is being identified by a starting number (ex: 100xxxx, 200xxxx, 300xxxx), followed by 4 (xxxx) other unique numbers (So you can heave more than 1 item which starts with 100).

    How can a grouping be made, where all items starting with 100 are in a group, followed by items starting with 200 etc....

    Any help is welcome..

    thnx in advance

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    Lightbulb Creating Your Own Grouping Criteria

    Greetings den@t,

    What you can do is create a formula which returns the left most three characters (Using LEFT string function) of the inventory ID. You can then create a group based on the formula and then sort the inventory IDs within that group.

    Hope that helps.

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