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    Question Unanswered: find record with composite PK

    Hi. I am trying to move to a particular record on a form where the form has a composite PK.

    The PK is made of 3 fields: ModuleID, Precedence and RecordTypeID

    I have always used docmd.findrecord before but I can't see how to do this with a composite PK.

    Any suggestions?


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    340 say the form has the composite PK ?? ie and unbound control? does that mean it does not exist in a table??

    if it doesn't exist in a table - then - you can't find it because there is nothing to be found

    or maybe you just mis-typed....not sure....

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    Of course, I meant that the view on which the form is based has a composite PK.

    And I want to call the find command from another form just to add a bit of extra info.

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        Dim rst As Recordset
        Dim strCriteria As String
        Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone
        StrCriteria = "ModuleID = " & <ModuleID> & " AND Precedence = " & <Precedence> & "AND RecordTypeID = " & <RecordTypeId>
        rst.FindFirst strCriteria
            If rst.NoMatch Then
                MsgBox "Record not found"
                Me.Bookmark = rst.Bookmark
            End If
    If ModuleId, Precedence or RecordTypeID are of non numeric data types you have to enclose them in the proper delimiters (ex. ... Precedence = '" & <Precedence> & "' AND ... if Precedence is of Text type)
    Have a nice day!

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    I might create a unbound field on the form (called FKey) and for the controlsource = [Field1]+[Field2]+[Field3]

    Then I'd also have a 'search' type combobox which has the fields again combined into 1 field in the query for the recordsource.

    Then in the Afterupdate event of the combobox, do my find against the FKey field.


    docmd.findrecord me!MyComboboxName
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