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    Help With Homework (was "Hello")

    Just thought i would introduce myself, I'm Paul, I'm currently studying at uni and one of my modules contains systems & database, It's not something that really takes my intrest if I'm honest but something I'm going have to learn if i'm to pass.

    I'm currently having to do a ER-Diagram I'm at a point where i thought i would see if there is anyone out there whos kind enough to give me some tips and help & guidance when needed.

    I'm struggling at little bit with working out Attributes, Entitles, Relationships.

    any tips and help will be very much apprciated.

    cheers Paul

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    I would post your question and your work so far. I will move this post to Database Concepts and Design.

    Be warned now - we will not do your homework for you. You will do all the work and we will nudge you if you start going down a blind alley.
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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    Yeah, and read your textbook and lecture notes first, as well.
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