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    Unanswered: Flickering Pages

    I have an Access 2000 Database .

    I have created a Search Page (made up of continuous forms) where the user clicks on the active record and then goes off to another form to find the same record number (as that which was selected on the Search Page) and display it. I then return the focus back onto the Search Page.

    Effectively form A is open, I click on a button to open the Search Page (Form B) (I now have two forms open). A record is selected on Form B. The focus switches to form A and a record is found on form A. The focus is then reset back to form B. (There are reasons behind my thinking here and it all works).

    The only thing is that there is the obvious flickering between pages as the focus switches between pages.

    I seem to remember years ago adding some code to a database which stopped the visual flickering between forms. Am I correct?
    I just cant find this code.
    If yes what is the code to do this?

    Thank you heaps

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    You can use the echo method to turn off the screen refresh, and then turn it back on after your code is done.

    Fair warning: I strongly suggest having error handling such that if an error is triggered, your error handler will turn the echo back on. Otherwise you risk leaving echo off for the user's machine, which is exceedingly annoying.
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    Thanks heaps I have taken on your suggestion re the eror handling.

    It all works great.

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    Note also the 'flickering' might be due to the recordset requerying. I've never had to use any code to turn off any type of flickering (and wouldn't recommend it).

    Sometimes a Refresh command versus a me.requery versus a me.repaint makes a difference in the code.

    I did have problems once with flickering over a citrix connection for the users. I used unbound forms to resolve this along with changing citrix screen refresh type settings.

    If it's specific to certain internal users, I might also check their screen refresh rate for their monitor.
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