I'm not a database expert by a long shot - just a user - and so I came here because I think you all are the experts!

I have just exported my email newsletter database from a Joomla website that uses the Letterman extension. It will only export as XML.

Here's my problem, which I'm surprised is a problem at all: I can't find any easy-to-use software for Mac that will convert XML to CSV without having to know the ins and outs of manipulating / reading / parsing the database language.

Also there are so many hencky-looking "downloadable" freeware or whatevers out there I don't know what to trust.

I am a non-profit fundraiser and can't spend any more time messing about with figuring this out - I've wasted a lot of time already.

So, can anyone recommend an easy converter for Mac OR a reputable service to do the conversion, which can't be all that hard! (I could be wrong).