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    Unanswered: Access Checkbox Filter Missing With SQL Backend


    I am completing the conversion of an Access database to SQL backend with Access still as the frontend. They are linked via linked tables over an ODBC connection using Views to query the data.

    When the form is clicked it brings in all the data but in the Access backend it created check boxes that we could click and filter data. With SQL all we have is the option to filter by user input.

    The problem is that there are times when we need multiple things filtered. For example we have Person1, Person2, and Person3. We want to filter so that only Person1 and Person3 are shown. Without the check boxes we are unable to do this and our end users do not want to have to type. They only want to have to click on what data they need. Any information would be very helpful.

    If I open the linked table by itself (not the linked View) I still cannot sort by predetermined data check boxes. I can only type in what I need.
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    The check boxes are there when I create an ADP project. I was curious to see if that worked but am hesitant to create an ADP project due to the fact that it is being phased out, but I need the check box filters.
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    Be aware that if True/False (boolean) type columns in Access were converted to Bit type in SQL Server, the value for True is not the same: In Access True = -1 while in SQL Server True = 1

    Not sure if this is relevant or not because, from your question, I don't have enough information to solve the problem but this could be it.
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    Thanks for the response Sinndho, but that is not the problem. In Access in a table in datasheet view there are those black down arrows that bring up things like "Sort A to Z," "Sort Z to A," "Text Filters," etc. The Access backend had little check boxes under "Text Filters" that were all the names in the column, such as someone's school they went to. If I wanted SchoolA and SchoolB I could click the check boxes that said SchoolA and SchoolB. This would filter the datasheet to only show me SchoolA and SchoolB. That is what I am trying to get back.

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