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    Unanswered: delete old db2 backups in TSM

    Backup objects created with DB2 are not being deleted in TSM.
    We can see them in TSM, but not from DB2.

    We use DB2 to perform direct backups over network to TSM of one database.
    We run the ./db2adutl delete.
    DB2 only sees the active backups, but TSM see all the backups.
    Expire Inventory is ran everyday at 10:30.
    Backup delete was set to no. We changed to yes.

    Maybe TSM does not realize they are ready to delete when the expire inventory runs?
    TSM server = AIX
    DB2 v9.5 OS level is SUSE linux enterprise edition x89-64

    Can anyone suggest how to get these old TSM backups deleted and in sync with DB2 again?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Your current parameters looks ok. Here is some info from TSM:

    "The db2adutl utility is used to manage the DB2 objects that are saved to
    the TSM Server. When the db2adult is used to delete a database backup
    object, the command that is issued to the TSM Server attempts to mark
    the object for immediate expiration. For this deletion to occur, the
    Backdel parameter must be set to YES for the TSM node. After setting the
    object to be marked for immediate expiration, it will no longer be
    accessible and will be directly removed during the next Expire Inventory
    on the TSM Server. If the Backdel parameter is set to NO, the deletion
    command will fail and the DB2 processing will transparently make a
    second deletion call for the object to be marked as inactive on the TSM
    Server. Then, based on the retention parameters for the MgmtClass, which
    are often recommended as VerExists=1, RetExtra=0, VerDeleted=0 and
    RetOnly=0, these parameters would still cause the DB2 database backup
    object to be removed during the next expiration processing. "

    You can use select * from backups... to look at the backup objects from the TSM client, but I don't think there is a funtion within TSM to delete individual backups. I may be wrong... I think it's better to post your question on the TSM forum (if there is one) or opening a pmr with TSM.

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    Thank you very much for the reply!
    I am not a DB2 person or a TSM person so that explanation helped very much.
    I have just been asked to solve this situation. I have now opened a pmr with IBM in the TSM area.
    Since our Backdel parameter was set to NO until this week, I am wondering if these old backups have some kind of parameter not allowing the delete when Expire inventory runs. Our retention settings have been correct all the time, so you think that would have deleted the backups though.
    Again, thank you very much and when I have a resolution I will try to remember to post it here so it might help someone else in the future.

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